Saturday, November 26, 2011


Things could have changed drastically.
So very drastically.

While I was surfing the net upstairs.
Doing all my trivial tasks..
You could have lost your life downstairs.
How easily you could have left me- without me having even an inkling about what's about to happen.

When I heard the news, I was shocked.
Adrenaline pumped as we dashed to do what seemed to be so obvious at the time- to get back what was stolen.
I knew you were safe.
And for that I thank god.
But the retaliation of how easily you could have been snatched away from my life only hit afterwards.
And it hit HARD.

What if you had fought back?
What if that single swing of the bastard's parang hit you?
What if..

My heart twisted.
The pain became physical.
My vision became blurry.

I now know that I NEVER want to feel that way again.
YOU should always remember that.

The age old question of "would you kill to protect?" was answered for me. 
I would have happily killed the bastards who tried to hurt the people I love- And I'll do it sloooooooowly. 
Revenge is a dish best served cold after all. 

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